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Hevelin Fanzines

The James L. "Rusty" Hevelin Collection contains over 10,000 SF, Fantasy, and Horror fanzines collected by Rusty Hevelin, famous science fiction fan, collector, dealer, and zine editor.  Currently being digitized by the University of Iowa Libraries, the fanzines are available for volunteer transcription through the DIY History participatory archives platform, and are also accessible in the Iowa Digital Library. As work is completed, more scans will be added to the existing online collections.  The Hevelin tumblr contains news about the collection and information on selected items.

 James L. "Rusty" Hevelin

The term “zine” (derived from the word “fanzine”) refers generally to a small, informal, non-commercial publication. By their very nature, zines are hard to define exactly, but distinguishing common characteristics of zines include a small circulation (sometimes via subscription, but often distributed informally among interested parties) and a raison d’etre that stresses free expression over profit. With the exception of late 19th century amateur press hobbyists, zines entered the cultural milieu as a specific and noticeable phenomenon in the 1930s, when the emerging science fiction fan community started creating “fanzines” as forums for their own stories and opinions on published SF writing and films.