American cookbook, ca. 1850

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Ginger Bread Take a pound of Flour, rub into it half a pound of Butter then add half a pound of raw Sugar, and half an ounce of powder'd? Ginger, mix it altogether with your Hands, lastly add a pound of Treacle, when it is all well beat together bake it in a dripping-pan in a hotish Oven. Ginger Wine Thirteen quarts of Water, eight pounds of loaf sugar, three ounces of Ginger (bruised) the rinds of three Lemons thinly pared, let it boil twenty minutes, when milk warm put it into Cask with the juice of three Lemons and two pounds of Raisins Add to it two spoonfuls of Yeast - Stir it with a Stick twice a Day for three or four Days, add two pennyworth of Isinglass and bring up the Cask as soon as it will bear it, in six Weeks it will be ready to Bottle