American cookbook, ca. 1850

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23 Pease Soup. Take a peck of green Pease at their full growth, shill and boil them 'till quite tender to go through a sieve, leaving out about a pint of the youngest, some fry'd Lettuce, Spinnage, and a few Mint Leaves, thicken it with about a quarter of a pound of Butter, some crisp Bread and some Celery stew'd in with the youngest Peas, put near three Quarts of Water in and let it Boil away to near two quarts

Mangoes Take your Cucumbers or Melons, cut a piece out of the side, and take out all the insides, let them lay in strong pickle of Salt and Water, 'till they begin to yellow, then fill the Insides with Mustard Seed, scraped Horseradish Garlick, Shalots, Ginger, Pepper, Cloves, and Mace to your Taste, then boil the best Vinegar, and pour upon the Mangoes, repeat it 'till they are a good green, great care must be taken to fix the pieces in again, where they were taken out to put the spices in. They must be tyed close to keep them in.