James Doak cookbook: The art of cookery, circa 1760s

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To Boil Fowls and House-lamb Fowls and house lamb boil in a pot by themselfs in a good deall of water & if any skum [illegible] it of they will be both sweeter & witer then if boiled in a cloth a little chicken will be done in fifteen minnutes a large chicken in 20 minets a good fowl in half an hour a little turcky or goose in an hour and a large turkey in an hour and a half no more

Sauce For a Boild Turky 1762 the best sauce to a boild turky is this take a little water or mutton gravey if you have it a blade of mace an onion a little bit of thyme a little bit of lemon peel and an anchovy boil all these together strain them through a sieve melt some butter and add to them and fry a few sausages and lay round the dish garnish your dish with lemon