James Doak cookbook: The art of cookery, circa 1760s

Inside back cover
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His book 1762 2 vol of the Universal Spectators 2 [adventures?] 4 vol of Temples Works 8 do of Shakespears Works 6 do of Burnel's History 4 do of Cato's Letters 2 do The Fable of the Bees 1 do of Hume's History 1 do Young's Nights Thoughts 1 do Paradise Lost 1 do Virgil's Aneis 1 do Salmon's gazetteer 2 vol Mcdowells Guina 1 do Whytt on Lime water 2 do Sherlicks Sers. 1 do Gee on Trade 1 Bible 1 do Temples Obervations 1 do Nettleton on Virtue 1 do A Conversation on the Plurality of Worlds 1 do Sacred Poems 2 do Prior's Poems Pope's Essay on Man 1 on Book- keeping 1 on the wisdom of Solomon 1 Jure Maritimo A Poem on the Last day 1 Prayer Book French books vol of Hour's Meditations