Iowa Byington Reed diary, January 1, 1876-November 15, 1877

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Saturday January 1st 1876. Rain. Who ever saw the like on New Years day. How fashionable we were today. Breakfast at nine, dinner at three, and supper at nine. Hattie and I worked all of the day and part of the night making a pair of lamp mats for the parlor. We played a few games of cards in the evening. Mr. Bently and I playing partners against Rob and Hattie. This surly has not been a pleasant new year But with me a happy and comfortable one. Sunday January 2nd 1876 It was so muddy today that none of us got away from home. Jim Folsom was here awhile. It was as late when we got up that the day did not seem long. I read what spare time I had during the day. In the evening we young folks adjourned to Mr. Bentlys room and while Mr. Niell was gone to church devoted our time to composing poetry on a subject that has caused us much merriment of late. All hands went to bed early