Iowa Byington Reed diary, January 1, 1912-December 31, 1915

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Monday January 1st 1912

The first day of the week and the year and it is 40 years today since I began keeping diary. This was a good sharp winter day. The folks with Elmer Anderson came out for dinner. [Lorie Fealty?] was with them of course. I got along nicely with my dinner and they seemed to enjoy it. The girls did not go home till 5:15. After that I washed the dinner dishes and got us some supper. May we be spared the sorrow in this year to come we passed through in the last.

Tuesday January 2nd 1912 I was busy about the home in forenoon and at 1:15 went down town and out to to Mrs. Smith's to call on the Dr. sister Mrs. Jones. It was growing very cold when I came home at 4:30. I did fancy work in the evening. Fannie & Hattie went to Minneapolis tonight.

Wednesday January 3rd 1912 A very cold day. I took my brown silk waist apart and am working on it. Mary Woolf and Miss Smiley were out for the day. I did fancy work in the evening.

Thursday January 4th 1912 Colder than ever. I sewed on my waist what time I had to spare from the work. It is hard to keep the house warm.

Friday January 5th 1912 Mother would have been 86 years old today. If she could only have been with us a little longer. Very very cold. I sewed some and read in the evening. The girls got home from Minneapolis tonight. They were 12 hours late.