Iowa Byington Reed diary, January 1-October 21, 1874

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January 1st 1874 What a lovely day for the first of the new year. As soon as Hattie and I got the morning work done We got into the buggy and took a drive over to the depot to see if Winnie had come. While waiting for the mail to be distributed we drove up on the addition to see how Auntie Smith was. And found her some better. When we came back down town we got Emma Middleton in the buggy with us and went down to Jim McCallister's. We found Grandma and Grandpa there. Aunt Mary had an excellent dinner and we enjoyed our visit very much indeed. Came home in good season. I sewed all the evening. Altogether I was well pleased with the manner in which I spent the day. We heard from Father today. I never saw so pleasant a January 1st it was a remarkable winter day. Emma came home with us to stay all night,