English cookbook, 1700

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Almond Pudding Slice a penny loaf thin into a pint of Cream, when it is soft Beat it small, & put to it the yolks of four Eggs, & two handfuls of Almonds, beaten small with a little Rose-water and Sugar, & Nutmeg. Butter your Dish and bake it half an hour Cook Jones

To Pot Tongues Cut off the roots of your Tongues, run a knife at the great end, & stuff in some salt Petre & Bay salt, & also rub the outsides well, when they have lain a week dry them in a Cloth, then rub them with cloves, Mace Nutmegs & pepper, bake them in some water 'till they are tender, take them out and blanch them, then rub them with Spice as before, put them in Pots & fill them up with Clarify'd Butter Cook Jones

Marrow Puddings Take a quart of Cream, two french rowls, sliced very thin, set it on the fire, a. Soaking, with a little Cinnamon till it Begins to Boyl, then beat twelve Eggs, but six whites, & when the Cream is almost cold, put them together with the marrow of five bones, minced small with Orange & Citron, beaten Cinnamon, Cloves & mace, some Rose-water & Sugar, if it be too thick, thin it with cream for it must be but little thicker, than pancake batter. Make ready your guts, being Steep'd in rose-water fill them not too full, half an hours boiling is Sufficient Cook Jones