English cookbook, 1700

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A Green Bean Pudding 8 Take a quart of green beans, boyl them a little, & blanch them with half a pound of butter, & grate to them half a penny loaf & nine Eggs well beaten, a pint of Cream, a quarter of a pint of sack & two or three spoonfuls of rose-water a pound of Currans, & half a pound of sugar, & a little Nutmeg with two or three spoonfuls of flour to fasten it. Beat it together & put it in your Dish, you may make it without Currans. Cook Jones

French Bread Take half a peck of fine flour put to it a pint of good ale yeast mingle milk & water together, and as much butter as an Egg mix it very soft, hand it up with a little flour, that it may not stick to your Hand, lay a cloth over it well warm'd & let it stand by the fire 'till it rises pretty high, when your oven is very hott, then mould it into small loaves - don't prick them, let it stand 'till they are bak'd, then rasp them Cook Jones

Macaroons Take one pound of the finest sugar sifted, one pound of Jordan Almonds, blanch & beat them very well with orange- or rose-water, to keep them from oyling mix your sugar & Almonds very well, take the whites of six eggs, beat them into a froth & mix altogether, don't make it too light, but rather leave out some of the Egg lay wafer paper & drop them what size you please, dust them well over with fine sugar sifted, just before you sett them in the Oven (which must be pretty quick) - They will ask half an hours baking, they will rise by degrees, & if a little colour'd are the better, lett them be cold before you cutt them off, keep them in a pan, this is a good recipe if you can hit to mix them right Cook Jones