English cookbook, 1700

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36 A grounded Rice Pudding Take a quarter of a pound of grounded Rice, boyl it in a quart of Milk very well (over Night.) take about two ounces of the sweetest butter you can get & beat well into it, nine Eggs leave out four whites Sugar & Nutmeg to your taste, an ounce of Lemon & an ounce of Orange Peel, cut thin & stuck into it. half an hour bakes it. you must put Paste round your Dish Mrs Phillot

A Common Plumb Cake Take two pounds of flour, two pounds of Currans and one pound of sugar, a pound & half of butter a Pint of Milk, Seven Eggs, half a pint of yeast One Nutmeg, half a quarter of an ounce of mace & cloves, a Cup of Brandy Mrs Phillot

Orange Marmelade Take twelve of ye best Orange Peels you can get, boyl them tender changing the Water, cut them in small Dice & take ye weight in double refin'd Sugar then squeeze your pulp thro: a sieve, with a little water by degrees, Clarify your Sugar, & put in your Orange Peel. boyl it 'till it thickens, then throw in your Juice & let it boyl well, take it off from the fire & add the juice of two Lemons, then give it one boyl up & put in your Potts. Mrs Roberts.