Anne Bayne booke [of recipes] circa 1700

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To frigasy rabbits

Take them & cut them in peices & throw them into water. & when the blood is well Suckt out put them into a pan. with as much water as will cover them. with an onion a bunch of sweet herbs & a little mace. let it boile till it be pretty tender then strain the broth & put them into a cleane pan with a little of the broth & have the liver well boiled & shred & a little parselly. then have a little butter wrought up with a little flower & shake it well up. & when you send it up put in 2 or 3 spoonfulls of white wine so serve it up. if you would have it a browne frigasy. you must take it out of your pan after it is boiled & fry it browne & strain in some broth. after you have powdered it put in your butter you fryed it in & grate in a little nutmeg & work up a little butter in a little flower & shake all well together. so dish it up with what pickles you please