Ellen Mowrer diary, 1865-1869

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some very hard strokes. When [Reagan?] [usto?] fall on his knees to pray, he was laughed at a great deal for his doing so but did not mind it. He is very hard against woman voting, "because, because" was the only argument he could put forth. Was a little tickled at him in the evening, when it was a raining he said, "Well, Miss Mowrer... now how would you like to be out in the rain at a woman's rights convention." "O," I said, "the rain is pure, it comes down from heaven you know, refreshes and revives all things." Said I was oft at a [illegible] when it rained & it never made me sick but on the contrary it enlivened me. Sometimes Will had the ague so bad that I would have to take the lines & drive. He said "Yes but you were thinking then of some nice young man." I said no I did not let my mind go on such a subject as that did not [illegible] of domestick affairs but enjoyed the pure atmosphere, the golden sunlight, viewing the grand sublimity of nature, the beautiful flowers, the magnificent grass as it wavers in the gentle breeze. Twas then this would be God of creation [waned?] in to nothingness & the voluntary out pouring of my heart was behold the handiwork of God. Blessed is his name all things He has made for our comfort to add to our joys. We can behold God in the flowers, he speaks to us out of every passing breeze, he looks down on us with pity & compassion & makes our heavy laden hearts rejoice in the blessed prospect that if we love & obey him, we may be ever with him