English cookbook, 1799

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Possit Syllabubs Mrs Shire Mix a quart of thick cream one pound of refined sugar a pint of white wine & half a pint of sweet wine in a deep pan, put to it the grated peel & juice of 3 lemons, beat or whisk it one way half an hour then put it in glasses it will keep in a cool place 10 days or a fortnight.

Brandy Cream The yolks of 6 Eggs to a pint of cream 14 bitter almonds a large tea cupfull of Brandy sugar to your taste just thicken it over the fire stirring it all the time but do not let it boil pour it into glasses when cool put a Ratifia cake to swim at the Top of cask this quantity fills 12 glasses.

Savoury Sauce for a Rosted Goose A tablespoonful of made mustard a tea spoonful of cayenne-pepper & three spoonfuls of port wine when mixed pour this into the body of the goose by a slit in the apron just before you send it up.

Spunge Cream A pint of good cream sweetened to your taste add to it the juice or pulp of any fruit a small quantity of lemon to make the cream break, whisk it untill it becomes very thick then add 3/4 oz of Isinglass disolved in a little water & whip all together, put it into a mould & set it in a cool place for one night