Alice Electa Pickard recipe book, 1868

Page 49
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49 Pastry. Tombstone Pie. Ms. Matson. 1 cocoanut 1 pound sugar - Make a syrup as for sweetmeats brake the nut & cook in syrup for 10 minutes. When cold add the yolks of 4 eggs & 40 almonds blanched 20 sliced & put with the nut. The nut stuck endwise over the top. Bake with an undercrust 1/2 an hour.

Bread Pie 1 cup sugar 2 cups bread 1 teaspoon tartaric acid piece of butter large as a walnut Add together & turn 2 cups of boiling water to it. Spice nutmeg to taste.

Marlborough Pie. Ms. Matson. 9 tablespoons grated apple 6 ditto sugar 6 ditto wine 6 eggs 1/4 pound butter spice to taste. Bake with an undercrust.

Puff Paste 2 pounds flour 1 pound butter whites of 2 eggs

Cracker Pie. Aunty Wood. 2 soda crackers powdered fine 1 cup sugar 1 cup warm water 1 teaspoon tartaric acid Add essence & bake with upper crust.