Nile Kinnick correspondence, September-November 1942

1942-11-28: Page 05
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3 35º or 40º F. I use two blankets and sometimes wish I had another. My room - and Bob's - seem to be at the end of the line as far as the steam heat is concerned. Even when not turned on our radiators are apt to start knocking in the middle of the night. Reminds me of winter days in the Adel High school. The teachers drove old Boon Weems nuts asking him to please stop the clanging of the radiators.

Thanksgiving was just like any other day around here except for a little better meal in the evening. A year ago we were all at grandma's eating turkey with all the trimmings. Speed the day when we can all gather there again. Everything considered this year's Thanksgiving had a real significance. The U.S. had its most bountiful crop in history, and we and our Allies were on the offensive on all fronts. The victory lies at the end of a road still rocky & rough, but things look better, much better!

Father, I was awfully glad to hear that you looked up Earl Hall. I know you both must have enjoyed each other, and